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Re: Generations Concept Uniforms?

The "too many changes" excuse used by Berman et al always came across as being patently ridiculous to me. If anything the unused GEN uniforms are less of a contrast to the TV Next Gen uniforms than are the DS9 ones. I'll call BS on that one. I think Rick was just trying to save face after having blown part of the budget on uniform designs that he didn't end up liking very much.

I used to have quite the fascination with the unused GEN uniforms, I thought they looked okay on the action figures... but as time has passed I've gotten a bit meh about them. They seem a bit overwrought to me. The added features like the turnover flap and the rank braids take away from the simple elegance of the TV versions, and they certainly aren't as realistic and functional as the DS9/VOY/First Contact etc variants. Interesting in a "what might have been?" way, but I'm glad they didn't end up using them in that movie.

Am I misremembering, or did one of them turn up in modified form being worn by Janeway's dad in an episode of Voyager?
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