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Re: The Prime Alternative

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Very nice work guys. Would love to see this beauty integrated into the original series.

One detail that struck me when junxon mentioned the windows on the saucer was the extra gangway hatch on the starboard side of the saucer. The original filming model only had a hatch on the port side, but for some reason the CG model used in the director's cut of the film had a duplicate hatch on the starboard, like yours does.

I guess I was just wondering if you deliberately emulated the direcor's cut version, or maybe were unaware of the hatch not being there on the original? I ask because I've seen this a lot on fan models of the refit Enterprise and other ships from that period.

Interesting... I've always thought that the gangway hatch was on both sides! I definitely used the CG version from the director's cut as reference as far as window placement and everything. I kind of figured that it made sense for them to be able to pull in and dock from either side.

I used to have the Mr Scott's Guide when I was a kid, and loved looking at those blueprints. I wonder if they show a hatch on both sides?

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