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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

So i watched Dawn and i really liked it. First contact with a species inclined to be hostile and without the benefit of a universal translator. That Trip and the alien were stuck in exactly the same situation, stranded on a moon together and taking it in turns to be the captive/captor, was a good way, for lack of a better term, to humanise the alien, making him an understandable and sympathetic character even though he serves the role of antagonist and we dont have a clue what hes saying most of the episode.

I like that Trips little speech about working together didnt really work. Instead we got a goofy fight scene between Trip and the alien that seemed like it would go on forever and eventually ended when both became too exausted to throw a punch.

Dawn gets 5 stars yaay. I started to watch Stigma but got interrupted so will wait til i've seen all of it to post my thoughts. Btw Teacake are you still watching Farscape? Your thread has been so quiet its pretty much disappeared Not that im in any position to talk about quiet threads Eyes dart round wildly as she runs off to hide behind a rock
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