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Re: If there is going to be a new series...asian Riker


Hmm.. Well, Spock has always been sexy to me. I did laugh a bit when I heard hs fanmail increased a LOT after the pon fahr episode though.

I am sure I would still like the show if they incorporated all that stuff, but it would have to be done in a cool way. And they should stop making vulcans humanish just to have the vulcan love thing.. Secret romances that weren't really a big part of the plot would be ok I gues, as long as they don't repeat the T'Pol Trip fiasko. I really liked T'Pol at the start. She was a great vulcan.She was cute in the end.. But not sure why they had to make her so damn emotional..

Anyway! As long as it doesn't steal the thunder of the actual story, I wouldn't mind too much. The thing I would hate was if all the chars were doing their "sexy pose" all the time.
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