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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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TWOK is Shakespeare compared to ST09 which was so fucking stupid in every respect it's embarrassing. But they made a lot of money so that makes it allright.

Then again I care nothing for the Big Bang Theory or The Office either that so many rave about.
The science in ST09 was definitely stupid. STiD was no better (communicator calls, and site-to-site beaming from Earth to Q'onoS? Riiiight!)

Two things the JJTrek films get right:

1. Pacing. The problem with films with an aging cast (Paramount has faced this twice, once with the TOS cast, and once with the TNG cast) is they get tired and slow. There are ways you can work around that - to a degree - but just having your geriatric main cast sit around and talk more doesn't solve that problem for a sci-fi film. It has to move, and move quickly. Either recasting or writing a totally new set of characters/events to build and explore.

2. New writers. The second biggest albatross around the neck of Trek TV and films has been the recycled writing, carried out by the same same insular, incestuous group that did no favors to Paramount, the fans, the actors, etc. When you think about it, over as many decades as Trek TV and film has carried on, it was bound to happen. Why didn't it earlier, when it could have made a difference for Voyager and Enterprise? Inertia.

My 2 cents.
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