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Re: If there is going to be a new series...asian Riker

Yes I know people were married and had babies and so presumably there was sex going on. On DS9 tons of people were married or in committed relationships. I realize I am asking for a Star Trek which isn't really what we've had with Star Trek, which has been an "innocent" show as you say BennieGamali, which is of course totally possible (to be innocent) even as people marry and have children. As we have seen on a hundred other family shows. And you know I'm absolutely fine about it if it stays that way, I just think it may be hanging out with the dinosaurs as far as tv goes if it does. Especially as a science fiction show when people expect their science fiction to be edgy or at least pretending to be edgy or if it's humourous skeeter into the ribald at times.

I feel like Star Trek has always been sexy to me. That's because I made it sexy in my head starting waaaaay back in K/S territory and merrily carrying on through all of it. But the reason there is so much hype about subtext in this fandom is because NOTHING HAPPENS so that is all we have. And before anyone says anything I don't mean this BBS which really doesn't do that element of fandom at all other than the occasional thread. But it's very much a part of Star Trek fandom.

So I can see Trek going either way, I just think the way forward is to have adult elements that it so far has failed to do either at all or convincingly.

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The way Picard is portrait in his relationship with Crusher is a lot like the boys in high school slice-of-life anime. It's kind of pathetic, really.

It's not like I'm expecting total soft-core, or even a long drawn out marriage thing. But it would have been nice to have shown them run off on shore leave together, have a shag, and come back to work. Like grown-ups do.
Do NOT read the novels. What they do to Picard, Crusher, Riker, Troi and Chakotay in their love relationships and baby making is utterly embarrassing.

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