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Re: Did the Klingons destroy Romulus in Abrams Star Trek?

Timo wrote: View Post
Doesn't jibe with what Spock says in the mind meld scene, though. But it's possible Spock is oversimplifying, or downright lying.
I think it "jibes" quite nicely.

But the comic is dead wrong on that. Spock stopped the supernova "somewhere", with "only minutes to spare" after the loss of Romulus, and then set back for Vulcan, in his very fast ship. But Nero immediately intercepted him, before this very fast ship could get away, and both ships plunged into the black hole. If this black hole weren't in the Romulan home system, Nero would not have gotten there in time.
The movie narrates in very very compressed time. And he didn't say "minutes". He said he had to act quickly, presumably before the supernova did more damage.

But if the comic contradicts the movie, it's just so much toilet paper.
Yeah, it doesn't. Have you read it ?

Where? There's no Hobus anywhere in the movie.
Spock mentions it but not by name, and as luck wuold have it, Nero emerges in 2233 right next to a big orange star.
And that's my opinion.
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