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Re: A Military Star Fleet and UESPA

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The problem with this comparison is that under no circumstances are ships of the Federation Starfleet referred to as being "Earth" or "Vulcan" starships
Other than when exactly this happens during TOS.

Its ships are never called Earth or Tellarite or whatever ships
Other than when exactly this happens during TOS.

As I said before: The writers of TOS retconned UESPA out when they created Starfleet and the Federation.
Yes you did say that, problem with that of course is the UESPA was created by TPTB seven episodes after Starfleet was first mentioned.

And two episode after the one with the UESPA, where the Federation was first mentioned, that episode also mentioned the USS Valiant, which was a starship in a Earth expedition a half century after the formation of the Federation and the Earth ship's name include USS.

True! Yet neither NATO nor the United Nations have their own navies
Correct, both NATO fleets and the UN task forces are composed of the naval vessels of the Member nations.

You are making this up.
I'm exploring a possibility based upon evidence contained within the show.

... it's made perfectly clear over the course of the show that it is the Federation Council, and not the "commander-in-chief" that is providing instructions to Starfleet.
Actually, the Federation Council is barely mentioned in that episode.
You're misunderstanding, "the show" refers to the entirety of Star Trek, multiple series and movies, and not to a particular episode.

And I stand by my post, when the Enterprise (various Enterprise's) were told where to go and what to do, that was coming from Starfleet or the Federation (and on occasion Earth), and when we heard about the Federation it was the Council that was specifically mentioned. The President was seen what, three times? And then never again.

You seem fond of retcon, perhaps the Federation President was later "retcon" out of existence, along with everything he ever said. The show obviously did continue with the Council being the authoritative body.

TOS (pre-movies) never mentioned a President..
10 of the movies, no mention.
All of TNG, no mention.
All of Voyager, no mention.

Starfleet is only ever referred to as the Federation Starfleet,
Only? Try rarely, the majority of the time Starfleet is simply Starfleet.

Tell that to the French.
As the article you site makes clear, France did not "get along" with NATO's structure and withdrew for over four decades.


... the United States Navy's headquarters are in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the USN is not a Virginia agency, does not answer to the Virginia government, and its commander-in-chief is not the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
NATO headquarters is located in Casteau, Kingdom of Belgium. NATO is not a Belgian agency, does not answer to the Belgian government, and its commander-in-chief is not Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.

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