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Re: Water Enhancers

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We have True Lemon here, but not the other flavors. I still like Mio because I can adjust the level of flavoring. Lemonade is also my favorite. Second place belongs to Orange-Tangerine. I do not care for the Teas or Fruit Punch, however.
I haven't tried the Teas yet. I'm kind of curious, but with me, tea is something you can mess up really easily. I'm also very picjy about my "sweet" teas.
I have never cared for "sweet tea", so I am no judge of same. In restaurants, before the diabetes, I would order both sweet and unsweetened teas and mix them. Now, I just order water with lemon.
I tried that once or twice. It was pretty good, as when I do want a sweet tea (very rarely), I want it to be mildly sweet. My Uncle used to make home brewed tea and he's just use a pinch of sweetener, and it tastes like unsweetened tea until you held it on your tongue for just a second, and that slight sweetness would creep in. It was quite good. I've managed to get that just right as well, and so if I want a little sweet, that's what I do. Otherwise, unsweetened all the way.

Unless it's peach tea. Peach tea is perfection if it's done right.
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