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Re: here is number 3 out of 10: starship

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to this person why can't you talk about what you think of a star ship then?.
i want to know if you could do any better?, when there is not much info that was not let out for us. the only way we have is just what is out there on the internet.
why don't you all send me a e-mail.

Well, a real starship would have no artificial gravity and no turbo-elevator cars. You'd just float to any part of the ship. The crew would have personal nooks to sleep in, where you can pull a curtain closed to create privacy.

You'd have internal walls (or at least poles or columns) to mount things on, but no floors in the ship.

We might wish for a spinning section to simulate gravity, like in 2001 A Space Odyssey, but that's very difficult to build with real-life spacecraft hardware. Maybe impossible with today's knowhow.
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