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Re: Did the Klingons destroy Romulus in Abrams Star Trek?

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Timo, would you mind making clear who you are quoting ? It's not easy to spot your replies to me.
Yup, sorry about that.

They say it's a supernova like they never saw before, and some other material mentions subspace shockwaves or something. Sounds good to me.
Doesn't jibe with what Spock says in the mind meld scene, though. But it's possible Spock is oversimplifying, or downright lying.

Wait... (checks back to the comics) ... no, Spock didn't go to Romulus like you said. Nero witnessed the destruction of Romulus while Spock was still somewhere else. Only later did Spock travel to Hobus itself to take care of it.
But the comic is dead wrong on that. Spock stopped the supernova "somewhere", with "only minutes to spare" after the loss of Romulus, and then set back for Vulcan, in his very fast ship. But Nero immediately intercepted him, before this very fast ship could get away, and both ships plunged into the black hole. If this black hole weren't in the Romulan home system, Nero would not have gotten there in time.

Ergo nothing. Your memory is incorrect. Please check back the Countdown comic. I have it right here.
But if the comic contradicts the movie, it's just so much toilet paper.

But what do you mean "if we believe in 'Hobus'" ? It was right there.
Where? There's no Hobus anywhere in the movie.

-Brett- wrote:
The supernova being Romulus's own star would solve a few problems, but it would just raise others. Not the least of which being that Spock's plan will basically fuck Romulus either way.
Well, at the very least it should have eliminated the shockwave that pulverized the planet, giving Romulus some time to evacuate from their now black-hole-lit world. But we don't know what a properly applied drop of red matter would have done to a supernova before it detonated; for all we know, it would simply have stabilized the star.

Timo Saloniemi
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