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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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And then what are you going to do?
One of the things to remember about casting people is this: Much of the time, there is a point at which your casting choices become somewhat arbitrary. I've cast or helped cast theatrical productions, and often you hit a point where neither Actor A nor Actor B are truly "better" than one-another. You have to make a choice, so you go with your instinct, and it's probably a bit arbitrary.

If the Doctor Who team were to make an effort to find the best actors out there who are not white Englishmen, obviously they would have to pick one person, and at some point their choice may well be somewhat arbitrary. That's okay. The goals would be to find a great actor, and to break out of the mindset that one should see "white English male" as the "default" setting.
So if they then choose the white Welshman over the black Englishman this is ok because at least they've broken out of the default setting of a white Englishman? I mean seriously is a white Welsh or Scotsman really that different from a white Englishman?
I don't know, is there a difference between the dominant ethnicity and two minority ethnicities with their own distinct languages and active separatist groups?

I'd love to see the casting call as well, and I'd love for a white English actor to then take, perfectly justifiable, umbridge.
It is not justifiable if the Twelfth Doctor character is conceived of as being a minority. No white actor would be justified in taking umbrage at not being cast as Captain Benjamin Sisko. No black actor would be justified in taking umbrage at not being cast as Tony Soprano. Etc.

No, it needs to be the best person for the job or the person cast risks having no credibility,
Again, I reject this notion that there's usually a such thing as one particular "best person for the job." More than likely there are going be multiple "best persons for the job" who would all be equally right in different ways. And if you're not making a special effort to find that caliber of quality in minority populations, you're probably only ever going to find that level of quality within the majority population.
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