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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - SPOILERS!!!

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Several flaws are mentioned here:

You'll find more in various negative reviews of the movie.
How many times are you going to post this? We get it. You think STiD sucks. Most of us don't.
My guess is that most don't because they are only looking at the special effects, etc., and that they are ignoring these flaws. Did I get that right?

Here are more:

23 plot holes mentioned here:

Some more here, with points about the plot being cobbled together:

Issues concerning continuity, which Star Trek fans likely already realize:

A point about the absence of techno-babble, which those new to Star Trek will probably not see as relevant:

Another reference to the "muddled" plot:

Good points, though, regarding fleshing out characters:

Plot holes re-mentioned here, but additional problems with the allusions to previous films:

Another reference to fan service, and the idea of a "Trek" movie:

My views follow these, i.e., it's an OK action sci-fi, but the plot is weak and cumbersome. I appreciate the fact that they tried to attract an audience that likes action sci-fi movies but are new to Star Trek plus Star Trek fans that are looking for something new, but it doesn't work for this movie.

Seriously dude, you're really on the edge of trolling now with all this shit. Either give your own reasons why you dislike the film (in the appropriate section for that), or cease this incessant posting of links nobody gives a crap about.
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