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Re: Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

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That's basically calling everybody who disagrees with you shallow or worse. It's the equivalent of saying "only an idiot can like this movie." and it assumes that your point of view is the only valid one.
Not shallow, as some will look at plot only but not characterization.

Keep in mind that movies are composed of various elements that are supposed to work together.

Usually, some elements can make up for problems with others, such as a well-written story making up for poor special effects, but it's very hard to do it the other way around as movies are essentially stories, which means the theme, characterization, and plot should be developed properly.

The problem for this movie are the plot holes, which in turn leads to some problems with characterization, and the special effects cannot make up for them.

But what you can ignore or not is entirely subjective.
Keep in mind that that subjectivity is in turn based on experience, e.g., the quantity and quality of movies you've seen previously, common sense, etc.
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