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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

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The Sulu question was already addressed here; "Sulu" isn't a Japanese name and was taken from the Sulu Sea in a bid to give the character a Pan-Asian flavor.

Furthermore, we know Takei gave his personal blessing to the recasting after being approached by Abrams. In other words, changing the ethnicity of the actor wasn't taken lightly by the creative team. But that was then. This time around, things seem to have been a little more loosey-goosey.
Fine by me, and all the more to my point: Sulu doesn't have to be Japanese when played by a Japanese actor and then switch to being Korean when played by a Korean one. The actor's race can be changed without altering that of the character, especially when that character's race has never been clearly specified in-story. And even when a character's place of origin has been specifically established, this doesn't preclude casting an actor from another in the role. (For example, casting the Englishman Patrick Stewart in the role of the Frenchman Captain Picard.) So too it is with Khan. Being portrayed by an English actor doesn't make him English any more than being portrayed by a Mexican actor made him Mexican.
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