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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

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Quit being wilfully obtuse. You know exactly what I mean.
Games in general involve interactivity! The same goes for works such as books.

This may surprise you considering we're both posting on a message board centred around discussing a TV/film franchise, but I actually do enjoy watching TV shows and films and discussing them with others. The experience is absolutely nothing like playing a video game.
Actually, it doesn't surprise me at all, as that is my point.

You do know that there are message boards about video games, too, right? There are even some who prefer not to play particular games but just watch others play through them in video caps.

And how about text-based online games?

I can't visit 16th century Istanbul because I was born 500 years too late for that. Nor can I attach two jetliners with an infinitely strong tether because that's financially prohibitive, not to mention physically impossible. And if I were to try and do some of the things I've done in Grand Theft Auto in real life, I would be spending the rest of my life in prison. Or I'd die in a car crash/shoot-out/both.
Don't be confused. When you immerse yourself in 16th-century Istanbul in a video game, then you aren't really experiencing what it is like. Rather, you see with your physical senses what it looks like, but you can do the same by watching documentaries, movies, and reading books and looking at photos of the area. How do you think such video games are made in the first place?

The same goes for GTA. It is a game where you get to have fun playing someone who commits crime. If you want to feel what it is like to be a criminal without becoming one, then you will have to go beyond GTA. There are lots of books, documentaries, and films on the matter.

Video games allow us to experience things we either can't or don't want to do in real life.
No, you can't. They only provide you with part of the experience. Go back to my previous paragraph for examples.

Hey, before you try and throw my criticism of your posts back in my face, could you at least check to make sure that it makes sense first? I included no such qualifiers of what makes a video game in my post. If it's interactive and works off a screen then it's a video game, and that includes old-school text adventures as well as the sudoku app on my phone.
That's exactly your problem: you make no qualifiers, but you claim that video games are not the same as other types of games, even though there are different types of video games, because they allow you to experience what you can't. How does that work for a Sudoku app?

Simulation plays a major part in the video game industry, just like set design plays a major part in the film industry. Not all games use it, just like not all films use physical sets. And simulation isn't exclusive to video games, just like set design isn't exclusive to films. But to say that simulation isn't a big part of gaming is disingenuous.
It's only now that you are making qualifications regarding video games. Are you now referring to video games that don't use simulation?
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