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Re: The Black Hole Remake

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The heaven/hell thing I just saw as Kate's mind "making up" something it just couldn't comprehend. A bit like the Q continuum in Deathwish, it doesn't literally look like that.
I watched it again recently and spotted something that convinced me the Hell scene was dreamed by one of the crew... and now I can't remember what it was.

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since right before we see them, there's a closeup on her eye (and as we see Dr. Reinhardt in hell, we hear Kate say "Murderer!").
Maybe that was it. Now I need to go back and look.

As for the remake: Obviously they're going to have to change the name, because we now know that it's not possible to fall into a black hole and live.
We knew that at the time, but they were going by "movie science." Anyway, the characters did assume it would be a death sentence. The only thing that was supposed to make it possible was the Cygnus' anti-gravity whozit. And in the end, there was no explanation as to why the characters did survive.

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A remake of this film - done well - really has some potential
Remakes always have potential. But I know not a single one that was ever done well.
John Carpenter's The Thing was an excellent remake.
The Wizard of Oz. The Ten Commandments.
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