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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

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My main objection to your original comment was the use of the term "Caucasian" to describe Khan's race
But I didn't use any such term in my original comment. You objected to the mere suggestion that Khan's race was changed, pressing for the relevance of an "outdated" ( and discredited ) classification.
You claimed Cumberbatch wasn't the same race as Khan. Which would be wrong. You then claimed "Indian" was a race. Also wrong. Then you tried to differentiate Caucasian and Caucasoid. There is no difference. What you did get right was some people use Caucasian as a synonym for White European ( usually from the Northwest). India is a country with many ethnic groups, languages and religions.(Including Indians of British descent) Khan could be a combination of those or just one. Or not from India at all.

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The point that Cumberbatch isn't an Indian could have been stated
I did. I just didn't know that using the word "race" somehow negated that point. And how could you possibly know just by looking at him that Cumberbatch isn't an Indian, if the term Indian connotes nothing more than a nationality?
Because its incorrect. You're the one claiming Cumberbatch isn't of the Indian "race". I can't tell Cumberbatch's nationality by looking at him, because nationality isn't based on appearance. Since I know something about his backgroud, I know he's not an Indian national. Of course John/Khan isn't Benedict Cumberbatch, so Cumberbatch's nationality isn't relevant.

Am I being pedantic and semantic about the terms "race" and
"Caucasian"? Maybe just a little.
Nerys Myk
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