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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

^ To be fair to Riker, he did step up in BoBW and after an initial attempt to rescue Picard (in addition to scouting out more of Borg ship potential weaknesses), he did abandon hope of getting him back and ordered Worf to fire their "special weapon." Had the Borg not assimilated Picard's knowledge by then, the cube may very well have been destroyed, along with all hands.

In the Chain of Command, the Enterprise never does go to battle. It's all about posturing and investigating. But yeah, it would've been a sorry mistake if Riker had been in command and Jellico allowed him to mount a rescue attempt. The episode was fraught with touch-and-go elements. If the hidden Cardassian ships hadn't been discovered, Jellico wouldn't have had enough leverage to get Picard back. But if there's one thing you really have to give to Jellico, he knew the Cardassians inside and out. Despite running on a hunch, it was a strong one that was grounded in consistency of behavior.

In the end, what it's really all about is how Riker handled Jellico which, I think we're all in full agreement, was not professional. He allowed his feelings to get in the way of doing the right thing. The military is no picnic. When you're given orders, you have to follow them and not question your superiors, or do a variation on what is expected. TNG took a lot of liberties with what a military ship is all about. It became a gray area, where the Enterprise is both military, exploratory, and diplomatic vessel all in one. But when in a military role, it should be all business.
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