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Re: '300 years ago' , in this film's context, was the 1950s!

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We didn't see the Voyager crew caught up in the Eugenics Wars in Future's End.
How is it that I'm managing to sit here in Southern California in peace and comfort and type at this computer while my country is currently involved in a land war in Central Asia?

While there were moments where the realities of the war and its effect on people were brought home to the citizens of Los Angeles during WWII (Battle of Los Angeles, blackouts, Zoot Suit Riots, Japanese-American Internment, etc.), most days life went on fairly normally despite a war far deadlier than the Eugenics Wars raging around the globe. There were fewer young men on the streets and more women in the workforce, and they were producing a lot more military hardware and rationing more, but for the most part they still got up, got dressed, sent their kids to school, and commuted to work like they would in peacetime. While there were lots of changes, you can also find numerous photos of Los Angeles and other cities where the fighting wasn't directly happening during WWII that look no different from the same cities during peacetime.

Plus, it was 1996, the year the war ended. Rain Robinson had a model of the Botany Bay on her desk. That could point to the war ending earlier in the year when Khan escaped and the city actually being at peace.

However, IIRC, Greg Cox did incorporate some of the militia stuff from Future's End into the narrative of the Eugenics Wars, so if you're inclined to take that as part of the history of the wars, the Voyager crew were caught up in it a bit.
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