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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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The 8472 had something of that caliber: a death ray capable of destroying planets. The Xindi had the same, thanks to future help. But those weapons demonstrated no anti-ship capabilities, so a force of Cubes still stands invincible against brute force attempts on screen.
Oh yeah, the Borg were totally invincible against Species 8472.

Yep. Totally invincible.

First Contact, for example, would have resulted in victory for the Borg if they had simply deployed two or more cubes to the job.
It did result in Borg victory
Or at least, it WOULD have if Enteprise hadn't followed the sphere through the vortex.

But even assuming the time travel plot was absolutely necessary (besides being entirely asinine in light of everything we know about the Borg) Enterprise's interference could have been prevented by the presence of a second cube tasked with keeping any starships from pursuing the sphere.

a rather inexplicable addition to their capabilities that appears to be a misunderstanding of Guinan's line
Agreed - but it's a rather exciting and facilitating addition.
No it isn't. It's a plot device that gives the Borg a highly convenient invincibility screen. This immediately comes around to bite you in the ass since you now have to have your characters find an equally convenient "Shoot here to kill us all" plot device to exploit.

Imagine playing out Best of Both Worlds if the Borg never actually adapted to anything. Not much would change about the storyline itself except that the Borg ship would have to show noticeable damage after very exchange of fire, damage which slowly dissapears shot by shot as the cube regenerates. The decimation of the fleet at Wolf-359 would also by the same, except that you would also have a scene where the Enterprise encounters almost fully-restored Borg Cube, hard at work carving pieces out of the hulks to complete its last round of repairs.

In that context, Data's "I put them all to sleep" technique would finally make sense: Data sends them a command to start regenerating parts of the ship that aren't actually damaged, parts that they continue to perceive are damaged despite the fact that they are perfectly functional. Engine and weapon components start collecting more and more power until they finally blow themselves to pieces and take the Borg with them.

"Q Who?" already showed the Borg adapting anyway: originally, Worf's phasers worked on a Drone, then they no longer did.
They didn't work on the FIRST drone either; the implication is that the first drone's armor repelled the phaser blast and Worf dialed a higher setting to kill it. The second drone didn't "adapt" to anything; the Borg simply sent one with a shield generator as well as armor.
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