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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

It's apparent that Riker wasn't the man for the job by the end anyway. As soon as he found out Picard had been captured his initial reaction was to mount a rescue, an act that would have bullocksed up the whole situation and plunged the Federation into war, by playing right into their hand, as Jellico said

Frankly, Riker faired well enough with the Borg, with a great deal of help & coaxing from everyone around him, but he would have been too impetuous to handle this Cardassian situation, & we are shown why right in the episode. It's not even an isolated incident. He's rash & emotional & impulsive in Gambit, & Time's Arrow too. Any time Picard is in jeopardy, he goes all mushy between his ears

Not a good choice for captaining this mission imo
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