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Re: What the deal with the Spock being betroved

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Forgive me if this was discussed before.

Are we supposed to pretend that never happened even though the only one presumably effected by Nero's presence right off the bat was James T. Kirk, who last his father and a positive male role model. I mean in TOS we are told that Spock & T'Pring were bonded at the age of 7. So I would have to assume at least that much would still happen.

I hope that the betrothal bond was severed by T'Pring death on Vulcan. But still, to publicly kiss Uhura, it would have to mean, to me that they had given prior signs of public displays of affection. That thought leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, because Spock is supposed to be all logical. Other thoughts?
Maybe he thinks cheating is logical.

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