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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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It also claimed the 1701-A had transwarp.
That explains how it got to the center of the galaxy so quickly.
It also explains how Enterprise and Excelsior were both able to cover the distances that they did in such a short amount of time. Both are shown warping to Khitomer from totally different locations -- arguably, totally different sectors of space -- in less than a day. Still earlier, Enterprise manages to warp across space from a position within Federation space to a location "deep within the Klingon frontier" in a matter of hours. It suffices to say that the Enterprise-A was considerably faster than the original Enterprise.

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I call bullshit on 1701-A having transwarp.
Seems perfectly plausible to me, especially since it's not entirely clear what "transwarp" even means other than "really really fast warp."
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