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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I'm a huge fan of TNG, though back in the late eighties when it first came out I was one of the diehard TOS fans who thought it was tripe. I remember watching Naked Now and Code of Honour (the first episodes I saw on rental video) and being utterly horrified. I gave the show a second chance and rented Encounter at Farpoint, which, while not as bad as the others, I still disliked.

It wasn't until I met a guy at uni, in about 89 or 90, who had access to really bad bootleg copies (I'm in the UK) of season two that I started to turn around on it. Ironically, a Wesley episode (The Dauphin) was one of the first I really enjoyed. That was followed by Pen Pals and Q Who.

I adored season 3, and still consider it on a par with TOS season one. My all time favourite TNG episode (indeed, my favorite of any of the Treks) is season 5's Darmok.
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