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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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Still that's one thing. Expecting the crew to work themselves to exhaustion immediately before entering a potent armed conflict with a bunch of Cardassians is another thing entirely.
There was the likelihood of an armed conflict with the Sheliak. That didn't stop Picard from working people to exhaustion. What's necessary is necessary
Hardly the same thing. A conflict with a fleet of Cardassians is a great deal more serious than a fight with a single Sheliak ship, and the Cardassians are much more agressive. And Picard wasn't working the whole engineering staff to exhaustion
No, just his most important people. I don't suggest that the 2 situations are exactly the same, just that they share similarities in command requirements. Hence why the titles of those episodes are "Chain of Command" & "The Ensigns of Command". Plus, if it's as you say, a more serious threat, then perhaps it stands to reason that more demands would be placed on more of the crew.
It's never stated that the reason he changed the shift rotation is solely due to personal preference. It's also clear that Riker hasn't been told everything about the mission specifics. Bottom line is that the captain is in charge despite objection, & he's privy to info that his subordinates don't have
Perhaps, but I can't imagine a situation where the ship is lost because they didn't have the correct number of shift rotations.
but we don't run a starship. Perhaps it's not just a number, but protocol, like expecting all senior staff to be in uniform. At face value, they seem trivial, but they could be the protocols expected of a wartime vessel, that are not strictly observed in peacetime, but actually have applicable reasons, like the crew being sharper, for one.

It was stated that Jellico was given the ship "Enterprise" because the name carries weight, not because of the crew's methods, which Jellico made clear were in need of change for the mission right from the get go. He was the captain for the mission. The ship was the name they wanted there, and the crew would need to adjust accordingly. That was the directive handed down from HQ.

Ultimately, it is the duty of subordinate officers to assume the captain's orders have a reason, unless they have evidence to suggest he is an unfit captain, in which case, Riker should have assumed command, but that didn't happen, because he had no just cause, and just decided to sulk in his quarters
Riker objects without really explaining anything, except that dept. heads think it will be difficult. When Data is XO he explains that even though things will be difficult, they can be done. Jellico's response is to tell them do the difficult thing. He knows. Nothing about this mission was going to be less than difficult, & it's presumptuous to think it's all because of Jellico's personal preference. Nobody knows that
If Jellico was a good captain, he should listen to his crew and take their opinions into account. Instead, he ignores their opinions and asks them to do difficult things with no clear benefit.
The clear benefit is to save lives, and the opinions & suggestions he puts down could have been mission related. It's not logical to think he put down their opinions for personal preference reasons. That would not serve the mission at all, and since his plans panned out exactly as he expected, perhaps it's reasonable to assume he knew what he was doing, and he did only what he & Starfleet knew would result in mission success

Besides, the ever so frequented point about Jellico ignoring his subordinates' suggestions & opinions is just plain wrong. Riker would never have left his quarters if that were the case. It was the advice of Geordi that influenced Jellico to proposition Riker for the piloting mission in the 1st place. He considered that suggestion and followed through on it, an effort that required him to swallow his pride, go back on his executive decision to relieve Riker, and even drop ranks so he could personally ask Riker to take the mission, outside the chain of command. He did all that for the mission, on top of accepting a nearly impossible assignment to begin with

All Riker did was business as usual, and buck the chain when he disagreed or felt his importance was being overlooked. Riker should have jumped up and said he'd be proud to aid the mission to protect the Federation & perhaps save Picard, but instead took the opportunity to rub Jellico's nose in it, like the pompous twit he is
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