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Re: The Prime Alternative

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Wow. Great artwork, there. Very cool.

The only thing I'd add is something that bugs me with every incarnation of the original 1701, including the original model and remastered TOS: the ship doesn't look huge. TMP Enterprise's paneling helped sell that illusion, and I think it's not quite apparent enough on this model.

Otherwise, very impressive.
Thanks Belz....we very much appreciate all the kind words
But, I disagree with you on the paneling on our ship...
(as we had the same thoughts and concerns in regards to the original TOSE and the TOS-R Enterprise hull plating and panel lines) --

I think Ricky did a Fantastic job with our TPA hull paneling, throughout the entire ship!...which, we feel, really increases our ship's scale and gravitas; while, at the same, remaining a "possible predecessor design” to Andrew Probert’s more refiened Aztec Pattern design on the TMP Refit’s primary hull.

see here >

here >


and here >

Do you really think we missed the mark on this?

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