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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Breezed through TNG: Q & A last night. I rather enjoyed it, especially the conceit of the story, but I couldn't help feeling that the book was padded. As if it were meant to be a short story and a lot of superfluous scenes were added to get it to ~300 pages. I hate saying that, as it was a well written book, but a lot of it felt unnecessary. Indeed, I rather enjoy KRAD's work.

Anyway, I'm on to TNG: Before Dishonor. I'm about 120 pages in right now and rather enjoying it. I like PAD's writing, but I've noticed some overused turns of phrase ("dire straits," "primly") and some out of character writing (Janeway is way more frigid than she ever was, Seven seems immature in a way that doesn't relate to the story). Having been spoiled on this story for nearly 6 years, I'm more along for the ride than anything else. I don't quite understand why its so reviled, but we'll see.
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