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Re: Did the Klingons destroy Romulus in Abrams Star Trek?

Timo, would you mind making clear who you are quoting ? It's not easy to spot your replies to me.

Timo wrote: View Post
But the comics make so little sense overall.
They say it's a supernova like they never saw before, and some other material mentions subspace shockwaves or something. Sounds good to me.

It can't be some obscure "Hobus" that is blowing up, because Spock deploys his red matter into the supernova in the Romulan home system. He sees Romulus die with his own eyes - and so does Nero, who immediately confronts Spock and ends up falling into Spock's black hole, which thus lies right next to Romulus.
Wait... (checks back to the comics) ... no, Spock didn't go to Romulus like you said. Nero witnessed the destruction of Romulus while Spock was still somewhere else. Only later did Spock travel to Hobus itself to take care of it.

Ergo, the supernova was right next to Romulus...
Ergo nothing. Your memory is incorrect. Please check back the Countdown comic. I have it right here.

Which is a very good thing, because supernovas generally aren't immediately harmful to planets in another star system altogether!
Subspace shockwave. Again, good enough for me.

Agreed on that, if one believes in "Hobus" in the first place. Hey, since time travel in Trek usually involves going to the very same spot in space, only in a different time, odds are that the star we saw when George Kirk died would have been the very same that Spock belatedly extinguished in the future...
Ok, yes. But what do you mean "if we believe in 'Hobus'" ? It was right there.
And that's my opinion.
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