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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well, lets see. In bearded hobo mode, he's been shown hitchhiking, on a fishing boat, and I think atleast one other odd job. Either he's wandering, or Smallville is a lot closer to the ocean than Kansas is in real life.
So people with beads are hobos? I am putting you on a personal igmore list. Life is too freaking short to deal with this sophomoric closed mindedness.

Your trolling has taken up a majority of the focus of this thread recently. I am going to stop feeding you and wish others will follow suit.
I just want to say that "Bearded hobo" is just a joke. I know he's not a hobo. I'm also not trolling, but I guess expressing a minority opinion is "trolling". I'll admit I've posted way too much about it (and a lot of negative comments about something could be called trolling) but I never posted to make people mad, I just express my opinions (not that I'm too surprised to not agree with a lot of people, but I'm just saying I'm not posting to piss people off, which is what I consider trolling).
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