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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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I love it!

Super 8 was kind of TZish. And I love that film.

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Honestly, I hope he believes that. He's never done anything as good as stargate SG1 was,
Do you honestly believe that, or are you just trying to troll?

Leave Stargate and other american stuff alone.

Also... How is a Canada-based series based on a film by a German director "American"?
I meant a TV show thats pretty much an american property. I'm fairly certain Stargate SG-1 doesn't count as a canadian TV show. Basically, I meant he should stay away from any good sci fi thats popular in america and is basically an american show, which Stargate (which is owned by an american company and shown/made by american based tV stations) is an example of. Its not about anything being american so much as sci fi that is popular in american and made by american tv companies/stations.

As for Abrams, I honestly believe he's never been as good as SG-1. Stargate had great, memorable characters, both heroes and villains (there were also some bad ones on both sides, but thats to be expected) and a lot of good stories. I personally think Abrams has never done anything good, and definately nothing like Stargate quality.
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