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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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Stargate and Doctor Who, of course - although, honestly, Stargate is more than a little bit beneath him.

Honestly, I hope he believes that. He's never done anything as good as stargate SG1 was, but I want him to pick projects completely based off him being a gigantic snob. I want him to go work with the show that has the screaming garbage cans and time traveling telephone boths. Leave Stargate and other american stuff alone.

To be clear, I like the Doctor Who I've watched (some of the 9th Doctor and the first few serials with the 4th) but I'd much rather have him work on a franchise I can't regularly watch then one I watched a lot of and would take up time on normal tV. Anything he can do that I wouldn't be able to regularly see distracts him from stuff he could be doing with things I like that are more avaliable to me. Simply, the foreign tV show that only airs on premium channels in the US is a better place for him than a show on normal cable TV that would take up time from something I like.

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I'd be happy if he stays away from everything, and works on some original ideas.
This is the best idea I've heard for what to do with abrams. Let him go off and do his own thing, and leave good stuff alone.
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