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Re: Why do non gamers bash gamers?

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Seriously though, I think the gamers who play five hours a day do have an addiction. That group just represents a very small percentage of gamers who get unfairly identified with the whole.
Hmm I dunno about that. A lot of gamers play more than 5 hours a day. A lot of them play all day. I think the cray cray gamers are the one who decide not to socialize at all. Like.. Get invited to a fun thing with friends and says no to play instead.
I would agree with that. The measure of whether you're addicted isn't strictly a measure of 'Number of hours you play'. It's what you're not doing because you're playing that much.

If you're at home with nothing to do all day, and play five hours, you're not an addict. If you ditch school, ditch work, and miss your son's baseball game so you can stay home and play video games, you totally are.

Criticisms that playing video games are weird from people who watch movies or hang out at bars all day don't carry a lot of weight. They're just another form of entertainment, and while they may not be a creative pursuit they are certainly not mindless.

I have crazy good reflexes, fine motor control, spatial reasoning skills, and hand eye coordination now. Thank you video games.

Maybe we just need to find some ways to be smug about playing video games to even the tables. Like, 'Oh, you read books? Heh, those don't even require skill!'
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