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Re: Roddenberry, Solow, & Justman

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That's some interesting history, Noname Given, but it doesn't address the point I was getting at, which was the way TNG's characters were required to be idealized, perfected people free of normal human foibles and conflicts because Roddenberry wanted to showcase his vision of an ideal future. By contrast, TOS's characters had plenty of flaws and conflicts, because TOS's Roddenberry was more interested in telling interesting stories than being a visionary. It goes without saying that he was doing it to make money in both cases, but the way he went about portraying characters and conflicts was very different.
I can't imagine 1987 Roddenberry allowing a story in which a Starfleet officer openly displays racism toward Mister Spock as 1966 Roddenberry allowed in "Balance of Terror."
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