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Re: The Black Hole Remake

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I have heard it said that Frank McCrae (Kate's father) was used for the A.I. in Maximilian. Meaning: After Frank unsuccessfully led a revolt against Reinhardt, Frank was 'punished' by having his mind trapped within the robot. And the angel who flies through 'Heaven' at the end is Frank's soul escaping the confines of the 'bot. Is this in the novelization? There's nothing in the film about it...
No mention of the full details of Frank McCrae's fate in the movie or novel, apart from the fact he was killed leading the mutiny. And the heaven/hell sequence doesn't exist in the novel, so would be no mention of a soul escaping.

Having McCrae corrupted to be Maximilian's AI in the remake would add a bit more horror to the situation, I like that idea.
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