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Re: Does Reginald Barclay have social anxiety disorder and/or Asperger

Barclay struck me as a little more than just shy. He was strange. He had a holodeck program full of people he knew. I'm not certain, but I do not think that is completely normal. (ofc it's not normal because holodecks do not excist but you know what I mean) He also lied and didn't do things he was supposed to do. (something people do all the time, but not like he did) Not sure if I would say he had a dissorder or anything. But he's not just shy. He is a bit odd. Just imagine walking into someone's holodeck program and there you are. Dressed as a damsel in distress or some foolish knight with a silly mustache, and there comes Broccoli to save the day. I would be creeped out...

All that being said. He is a great character and sweet in a weird way.
And the actor is just awesome. Murdock from the A-team! And he plays a Murdock in Baby5. Ehehe
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