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Re: The Black Hole Remake

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It's from 1970s DISNEY.
And this film was pretty bold for Disney at the time. Not the usual kiddie fare we were used to.
People have largely forgotten it now, but TBH made quite a stir at the time of its release because it was Disney's first PG-rated film, their first attempt to move into more adult-oriented filmmaking. A lot of people were startled at the level of violence and adult themes it contained. Eventually, Disney realized that the reputation of the Disney name was keeping people from seeing their adult-oriented films for what they were, so they created the Touchstone imprint for them. So it might be better to call TBH a prototype Touchstone film than a "Disney film" per se.

Didn't care for BOB (which probably had more to do with Slim Pickens taking me out of the moment), nor did I care for the whole "black hole leads to heaven and hell" business. I want to say I read the novelization had a sort of different ending, but it's been about thirty years since I read it.
The novelization's ending was different, yes. IIRC, they all died physically but their minds survived because they were linked to Yvette Mimieux's psychic character.
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