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Re: John Harrison was more interesting than (SPOILER)

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If this movie had been "nameless assistant villain gets used by evil Admiral to start a war" I'd have been bored.
It would have been the same damn movie, pretty much. Is the name Khan really the only thing that kept your interest?
It's kinda irritating how much some people think they need a name attached to be entertained. It's just a NAME, especially how it plays out in the final film. And especially since this film was ADVERTISED with the villain being JOHN HARRISON. Khan was a surprise reveal, remember?

It really doesn't matter in this film that it is Khan Noonien Singh. Genetically enhanced badass Starfleet agent John Harrison would have done exactly the same in the very same film.

In Space Seed, Khan was just a "villain of the week". How boring.
In TWOK, Khan was essential, since there was that backstory with Kirk that simply could not have existed without Khan being the villain. No random new villain could replace Khan's role in that film.

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I knew Harrison's reveal was coming. Unfortunately, when it arrived in all it's painstakingly enunciated glory, it fell flat on it's face. There may as well have been a subtle tilt of the head and shift of the eyes towards the camera - hell, throw a sly wink in there and blast through the forth wall altogether.

It was about then it started to sink in I wasn't enjoying this film.
It's funny how he reveals himself. "My name is... Khan." and everybody looks quite concerned. Like the characters watched Space Seed and TWOK and already knew who Khan Noonien Singh was. But they didn't. Only the audience did.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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