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Re: The Black Hole Remake

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I am rather surprised at the love shown for this - I saw the film when it came out and disliked it - especially my 'pet hate', cute and/or funny robots (also children and animals). I wrote it off as another of the plentiful dodgy cash in sci-fi films that came out in the wake of Star Wars.

My memories of it are that it was pretty much cringeworthy...
It's from 1970s DISNEY.
And this film was pretty bold for Disney at the time. Not the usual kiddie fare we were used to.

However I think this is probably one of those movies that you have an attachment to if you saw it as a kid.....which I didn't.

It was up against TMP and as such I had zero interest in seeing Black Hole. I did see it years later when I had grown up and there are elements that I do like about it. I have a fondness for "finding ships that mysteriously disappeared long ago" type stuff, and I liked some of the interiors as well as the reveal about the crew.

Didn't care for BOB (which probably had more to do with Slim Pickens taking me out of the moment), nor did I care for the whole "black hole leads to heaven and hell" business. I want to say I read the novelization had a sort of different ending, but it's been about thirty years since I read it.
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