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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

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What you are considering a liability to the character is actually an asset. Voyager's ability to survive a 70 year trip home hangs on their commander's ability to change.
Wow Janeway did something in 7 years that Kirk and/or Picard could have done in an hour to a few days. [sarcasm]That is so impressive[/sarcasm]

Seriously all that establishes is that Janeway didn't stop and ask directions, hell even with all the big jumps Voyager made they never made it out of the Delta Quadrant.

What, was Voyager just flying around in a giant circle for 7 years?
You really don't know that much about Voyager do you. Their jumps subtracted more than 30 years of that 70 year total that they were looking for in the beginning. And by the way, they always knew the way home, they just didn't know what they would find along their way. Why should anyone ask for directions when they knew the right direction. Apparently Voyager flew a relatively direct rout to the federation and were very close to the Delta / Beta division line by the time of "Endgame."

Flexibility and inflexibility are both assets when you use them right and Janeway did.
And yet Janeway still took 7 years longer than any other captain to cross distances Kirk laughed at.
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