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Re: Rebirth of a Dream

What kinds of things do you see in the new "Alpha Fleet"?

* The S.C.E. (ie: U.S.S. Da Vinci - Saber-Class)?
* The Ships+Bases of Reg Barclay & Admiral Paris' "Project: Voyager"?
* Beta / Delta / Gamma Quadrant Exploration?
* Starfleet Academy training vessel's adventures?

* Temporal Affairs.

* "What If" Alternate Universes?
(ie: The Return Of The Maquis.)

{Mirror Spock's followers have been quietly moving between dimensions. They've been carefully interacting with disgruntled Federation colonists & "conscientious objectors" among some Starfleet Personnel throughout the Cardassian Annexation, The Dominion War & the Baku Relocation scandal. Realizing Starfleet is caught between a rock & a hard place, the M.U. Spock has been asking the Maquis to volunteer to reconstitute the Terran Resistance & it's losses to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. For the time being, a certain status quo has been achieved. For now, it's all quiet in the M.U.; & so, the time has come to return home....}

* Future Joint Crews (Created in a timeline set between canon trek & the Wells-Class Relativity.)

I'd like to see non-canon kitbashed vessels used rather than white-knuckle gripping to the usual same-old, same-old. (Sovereign, Nebula, Miranda-Class, Intrepid-Class, etc.)
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