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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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Something I agree with you on:

Carol Marcus

No matter what anyone says, her most memorable scene was stripping. Everything else probably could have been handled by others. If you think about it, Spock could have probably disarmed the torpedo.
Agreed...that entire strip scene did nothing for me but to upset me, and not because of the stripping.

I get Christine Chapel was not a very well liked character, heck, Majel didn't even like her. But one thing the Chapel I watched for years never would have done was jump ship because things went south with her love life or plans. She confessed to Spock she loved him, even while engaged to Roger Korby. Spent the next 3 years clearly hung up on the Vulcan. So I find it hard to believe that she would have left, just like that. Now, Carol assumes Kirk has no clue who she is talking about but the look on his face, when she is not looking says otherwise. I like to think, perhaps, Roger as out in that frontier and for once the girl walked away from Kirk.
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