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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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Belz: for #32, I was under the impression that the Vengeance was totally powered down and rebooting. I don't think they could detect anything at that moment.
Well, they do have big windows, and it would presumably be much harder to sneak a shuttle onboard.

For your other comments, mostly the ones that say "addressed in the movie" I don't see it. When I ask what is Marcus' plan or what is Khan's plan, I am not asking "what is it stated as in the movie?"
Well, sorry, but if it's stated in the movie, you don't need to look anywhere else.

30: on stasis tubes: no, it is not a real objection. I understand they want to avoid overuse of stasis because it removes tension and stakes, but I still do object to not even attempting to use one of the other augment's blood. They are just sitting there, ready to donate blood.
We can't be sure any of the Augments except Khan has that feature.

28: maybe a minor quibble, but a logical extension of the technology JJ/Orci/et all have included. They don't carefully consider the implications of the technologies they introduce
Fiction rarely does, unfortunately.

27: maybe you are being sarcastic, but this isn't a door he is realigning.
I'm perfectly serious. Physical things get bent all the time. How would you have realigned it ?

25: name one thing that wouldn't have been accomplished without her there?
Name one thing that wouldn't have been accomplished without ANY of the characters, save Spock, Kirk, Scotty and Marcus ? You could literally have three people on the Enterprise and everything would have happened the same way.

24: yeah, but did Marcus make any attempt to find Khan? Didn't he just want to blow up the whole ship killing everyone on board anyway?
Maybe despite what he claimed, he might have just taken Khan back if Kirk was clueless as to his real identity.

King Daniel: Yeah, Kirk made the ultimate sacrifice. But did something he experienced in the movie change him so that he would do this now, but he wouldn't have before?
He didn't have a third option, and he realised that.
And that's my opinion.
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