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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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blah, blah, blah...

Yeah, I think I only reply to him out of boredom. That or I like talking to brick walls.

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The Noika trailer looks fantastic.
I wasn't keen on the music in this trailer as I have been on previous trailers....but yeah, it looks fucking fantastic. I like how when they're hitting each other there's that sort of distortion effect to emphasize the power that's going into the punches.

I'm really stoked to see a Krypton that's more inline with the super science world that it was in the comics. Even as a kid, I never liked that crystal stuff from the first movie.

On top of that, we're looking at the movie that could open us up to a cinematic DCU, so here's hoping that they've planted the seeds for the future as well.

Strange to think that we're only a week away now!
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