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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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more explosions to prove they can do just as many as Michael Bay (well, ok, no one can do as many as him, but they're definately trying their best),
Have you ever actually read or watched anything with Superman or super heroes? I know you claimed you have, but clearly you haven't. One thing they're not short on is explosions and MASSIVE property damage. No one's interested in seeing people in spandex stand around and talk about stuff.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
Anyone who is trying to "find themself" is brooding and angsty.
Wrong. And it's long past time for you to stop reading anything that isn't an english text book or dictionary so that when you speak and use words, you're using them with their proper definitions.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
The whole movie supports that attitude.
The "whole movie" is about two hours long and it hasn't been released yet.

Gojira wrote: View Post
Maybe you're just projecting your issues onto the film? I have had many clients who are searching to find themselves and for many of them it is often an exciting time and even an adventure as they uncover who they really are and who they want to be.
He's clearly projecting his own issues onto the film. He's at a transitional stage where the carefree childhood years have almost all faded away and he's staring down the future of moving out of the house, getting a job, not having mom and dad around to take care of his problems and growing up. He's terrified of the massive changes and the reality of adulthood that's coming. He's looking for solace and stability in the stuff of childhood.

He comforts himself thinking he's got all the answers when the reality is that he doesn't even know the questions.
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