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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Anti-matter imbalance allowed it in TMP - is there a fail-safe that prevents it?
Yes. It's called the Navigational Deflector. Under normal circumstances, it'll push things out of your way so you won't collide with it, which is what WOULD have happened in TMP if the deflector had been working properly.

Of course, the Enterprise had dropped out of warp before hitting the debris field, so any objects that were in its path before it dropped out of warp would have been pushed out of its path anyway.

If so, how did the JJprise warp into a debris field?
Very very quickly.
Lol well the slight hitch is that the deflector can't push large objects like ships out of its way and the JJprise's full shields can't protect it from small debris. I'm really not seeing, "Well there are never any ships orbiting Vulcan so we'll probably be fine," cutting it from a legal or moral perspective. I'm still not seeing enough safety features to justify the risks warping into a solar system. The orbit of a planet is tiny compared to warping to the edge of the Oort Cloud for example.
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