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Re: The most destructive ships in Star Trek history, and it was Vulcan

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Red Matter was not originally designed to be used as a weapon, but a way to save a dying star's planets. If given at the dosage and time, it would have caused a blackhole, but not necessarily sucked Romulus & Remus in as well. Yes, the Romulans still would have lost their homeworld due to their sun turning into a blackhole. But they would have had the chance to escape. At least that is how it should have worked theoretically.
I'm pretty sure Hobus wasn't the home star of Romulus and Remus.
I never said Hobus. But no matter, he arrived to late to save the day, thus Nero's planet was lost.

Although his plan succeeded, and the supernova was eliminated, Spock was too late to save Romulus, which was destroyed. - Red Matter Memory Alpha
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