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Re: Roddenberry, Solow, & Justman

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Not quite. Basically, the TNG story is this:

1) When the original 'Star Trek' series was canceled GR SOLD the 'Star Trek' IP lock stock and barrell (IE the whole thing) to Paramount for a lump sum. (With only 79 episodes - GR never thought Star Trek would get a syndication deal, or if it did it would be cheap and short lived.).
Actually, according to Herb Solow, Paramount didn't want the money losing Star Trek. In 1970 Roddenberry wanted to buy the full rights with the hopes of doing something with the property himself. Paramount offered to sell the whole thing for $150,000. Gene couldn't afford it and had to pass. It was Paramount who had no expectation of ever making money off the series.

The ownership of the series at that time was split between Roddenberry's Norway Productions and Paramount. Paramount wasn't going to buy it off him if they weren't expecting to make any money off it.
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