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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Some random thoughts...

Episodes that remain strong even after more rewatches than I can count: Who Watches The Watchers?, The Enemy, The Defector, Sarek, The Most Toys, Yesterday's Enterprise, The Offspring, Sins of the Father. I never get bored during any of these.

Even though season 3 was the undeniable turning point for TNG, it still has some real stinkers. I'd forgotten how terrible The Price was, and I never really cared for Transfigurations, The Ensigns of Command, or Captain's Holiday. (Not that the latter two are terrible, just not very good.)

And despite having some good stuff in them, there are some really forgettable eps such as Ménage à Troi, A Matter of Perspective, and Evolution.
Yeah I'm starting to question whether this season is really as good as I thought. It's still definitely a step up from the previous two seasons, and there are some terrific episodes here and there, but it's hardly as consistently strong as people make it out to be.

Once you get past the great production quality, the generic and simplistic storytelling in eps like Evolution, The Price, Vengeance Factor, Matter of Perspective, and Captain's Holiday becomes pretty apparent.
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