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Re: Star Trek Rock Opera

Just pointing out a few things I've noticed and hid through out the video.

01:26 Kirk would have shot first.
01:39 Showing Kronos at the beginning of a song titled Kronos.
08:46 Was it really Janeways fault they got stuck there?
10:04 The one time she gets to fly the ship and it crashes.
11:27 He can't do that in federation space!
12:21 Season 6 but...
13:44 Not exactly how that transitioned but same premise.
15:32 Starfleet will have a hard time coming back from a militant species after that.
17:06 How many crew members wet themselves after that scene?
19:31 One of my favorite scenes of a ship attacking to the beat.
20:01 My most favorite transition between songs.
22:30 I think that's a good song edit with that scene
23:47 Janeway would have given them shielding to defend against the next wave right? They were stranded at the end of that episode.
24:04 Another favorite scenes of a ship attacking to the beat. Tough lining that one up.
24:47 A hunter species they could have gone further with.
26:58 Did the Klingons destroy Romulus in Abrams Star Trek? Romulans should have seen a supernova coming from years ahead.
27:40 Those scenes lined up well. (I wanted to put that crash scene next but the Cg's looked confusing without dialog)
27:57 Starfleet should have invited the Breen to the party.
29:50 Who can trust Cardassians after a double backstab?
30:32 What, Earth isn't good enough to send a Tactical cube to? Screw you Borg!
31:00 Romulans and Cardassians would make a good union. At a flip of a coin they may join your side or back stab you.
31:20 With all the technology they came across, you'd think Janeway would have came up with something like that without help.
33:29 Klingons did it I tell you! ^26:58
33:39 One of the most destructive ships in Star Trek history, and it's Vulcan?
33:54 Can you imagine if they drop that infront of the wormhole instead of Sisco's mines? I'd feel bad for Kirk but super effective.
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